Toxic Bachelors

Toxic Bachelors - Danielle Steel

I really liked this book, but I thought the name was a bit deceiving. I expected the men (Charlie, Adam & Gray) to have bad habits (alcoholics, drug addicts, married etc), instead of just being toxic to themselves.


This was a nice, easy read, which is what I wanted. It was a very different story to any I've read before, I think it is an unusual theme. Usually books are about spinsters wanting to find a husband, rather than lonely men, so I liked that the tables were turned. 


I think that Adam & Maggie's relationship, while very sweet, was a bit unrealistic. I also think that any man in his position would want a pre-nup signed, yet he never mentioned it. I found Charlie & Carole to have an odd relationship, but I think they were also perfectly matched. Both having good hearts & wanting to help people. Gray & Sylvia I really liked. I think they were both good for each other. 


Aside from the characters, this book was easy to read, albeit a bit predictable. I really like Danielle Steele, & she still hasn't let me down.


I would recommend this book to other people who like Danielle's books.