Things I want my daughters to know

Things I Want My Daughters to Know : A Novel - Elizabeth Noble

I really liked this book. I was a bit wary about reading it, because my dad has incurable cancer, & sometimes I get a bit upset about (but mostly I'm okay with it. As okay as you can be, anyway).


Barbara (the mother) seems really like a really nice woman, & it's nice that the family didn't pretend to be normal. Mark (the stepfather) treated Lisa, Jennifer & Amanda as his own, even though they weren't, which was really nice. I actually think that all the relationships with various family members were nice. Not forced at all like most families.


I also thought that it was nice how each sister was very different from the others, but they were all non-judgemental, & accepted each other as they are. I think that must be very rare for families so big (I think 4 children is quite big for families nowdays).


Although this book was sad, it was in very small parts. The majority of this book was at times funny, but mostly just a good solid read about moving on after death. An eye opener I think.


I would definately recommend this book to others.