Sophie's Journey

Sophie's Journey - Sally Collings

Wow, this book was nothing short of amazing. Sophie & her family seem like such amazing people.


I really liked this book, especially towards the end, but the format wasn't as I expected. I expected it to be a novel, but instead it was laid out kind of like interviews with various people who are part of Sophie's 'story'.


I would have liked to have a section by Sophie's brother Mitchell, & how it effected him, but I can understand why there wasn't. Sophie & Mitchells parents have made it pretty clear that they don't want Mitchells life to be defined by something that happened to his sister, so he has been kept out of it. Understandable I suppose, because that is how resentment happens. But it still would have been nice to get his perspective on things.


I think Sophies parents (Ron & Carolyn) were amazing in how they dealt with it all. They seem really amazing, & that in turn is how Sophie has dealt with it all so well.


Sophie's story really is amazing. A little girl with TWO horrific accidents before she's six years old. How awful, yet inspiring. She seems like she has really touched a lot of people.


Overall, I would recommend this book to other people without a doubt. It was really heart warming & makes you not want to take life for granted.