It begins!

Hello! I'm really excited about this blog & keeping a record of my reading. Just secretly, I've had a book journal for a few years now (I call it Bob) where I write mini reviews and such about books I've read. The reason I keep Bob a secret is because it's a little bit nerdy, but I love it all the same, & I'll continue to keep Bob (I'm not sure whether I should be calling it a she or he, thoughts?) as well as this blog. I will probably write more of my thoughts about certain characters & plots (such as "Wow, I can't believe Karen ended up killing Stan in the end") in Bob, because I wouldn't want to have any spoilers here.


So, enough about that. I'm 25 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand. I do admin work for a small company and have worked there for about four years. I am hoping to move overseas in January, and want to have read all of my books on the book shelf by then, so that I don't feel like I have to take them with me. My big dilemma with moving overseas is, what do I do with my cat? I have a five year old cat who I love (despite the 2am wake ups ever morning. I haven't had a decent night sleep since I got him), and the thought of not seeing him every day breaks my heart a little bit. 


I have lent my Kindle (aka- Kinsley) to my flatmate (who I'll call Texas) indefinately, so that I'm not tempted to veer off from my goal. It's a bit of a shame really, coz I recently downloaded a ton of new books that I was excited about reading. Oh well, much like the books on the bookshelf that have been waiting to be read for a while, I'll get to them eventually. I will also no longer be borrowing new books from the library, except for the three I currently have out on loan, and the one that I have on hold. 


Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!