The End

The End - Michael Kupperman, Lemony Snicket, Brett Helquist

This book was such a let down. It didn't answer many of my questions, & I thought the ending was confusing. I also thought that towards the end of the book, it started being aimed at people older than the target demographic (which I assume is ages 7-13) & more confusing than they would understand.


I started thinking towards the end of the series that A Series of Unfortunate Events was a lot like Harry Potter. This is because both the Baudelaires & Harry Potter were orphaned, & secrets were kept from them by family & friends. Since The Bad Beginning was released in 1999, & Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone was published in 1997 it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the Baudelaires were inspired by Harry. Also, the general tones of both series' was dark & gloomy. 


I think this series peaked at about The Grim Grotto. I thought the first 6 books were all off the same template, & then got mixed up a bit.


Overall, I'm pleased I read this series, but it was a hard slog. I'm not sure if I'll be committing myself to another series this big again any time soon.