Christmas Magic

This book was split into two smaller stories (novellas, I think they are called), & while I liked the first one (called All I want for Christmas), the second one (called The Magic Moment) nearly distroyed me.


All I want for Christmas was a really sweet, easy read. The characters were all really likeable, and the story had a really nice, natural ending. The story was believable with out being boring or predictable. Plus it featured Christmas (and Halloween) which is always a win for me.


The Magic Moment nearly killed my soul. For a start, both the characters were very flakey, and didn't know what they wanted from each other. They were both very creepy (especially Pierce) and kept secrets from each other, and they kept picking petty fights with each other. Ryan and Pierce were both insecure, which is why they kept fighting, but the fights were so frustrating to read because they were so pathetic. I also thought that the story was very slow moving. AND the story didn't even involve Christmas. What the hell, Roberts?


As if this review didn't tell you, I would not recommend this book at all to anybody.