A Different Sky

A Different Sky - Meira Chand

I enjoyed this book, but I found it to be quite a challenging read. It was very heavy, & I found I had to keep flicking back to figure out who a certain person was, what place this was etc. I also didn't understand any of the local terms that were used (& there were quite a lot), so I think a glossary at the back of the book would be very useful.


I think this book was very well written, & it was very interesting to hear about WW2 written from the perspective of Asia, rather than England/America, which is the norm. I didn't know much about Japan, China etc in WW2 (aside from Pearl Harbour) so it was really interesting (& harrowing) to read that. Some parts of the book were difficult to read, & it does make you wonder how people kept on living; the conditions sound horrible. 


The ending left a lot of loose ends I thought, although I think that the author did her best, considering that if she made the book any longer it would be too long, & she couldn't tie up the loose ends without adding to the story.


Overall, whilst I recognise that this was a well written book, & was an interesting story, I wouldn't put it in my top 10. I never found myself absorbed in the book, & it was a heavier read than I am used to.