Apartment 255

Apartment 255 - Bunty Avieson

I brought this book really cheap from a book store & the cover was really uninspiring (or, as my manager said "Hmmm, she's rather unfortunate looking, isn't she?") so I wasn't excited about reading this book. But wow, am I pleased I did. This book was amazing, & so intense the whole way through. 


The book was a psychological thriller, which isn't usually what I read (because I usually end up questioning everything & everybody afterwards) & this one was no different. Ginny was incredibly psycho, & it just got creepier as the book progressed. There were parts in the book when I was actually cringing at how far off the mark she was with things. 


I really liked that the relationship between Ginny & Sarah wasn't the only thing happening in the story. There were a few sub-plots which were quite good, but not distracting from the main story. All the characters were developed really well I thought, especially Thel (although- Thel, short for Thelma? Doesn't sit very well with me) & Sarah. 


Overall, I really liked this book, & would definately recommend it to others (in fact I already have, my flatmate is gonna read it soon).