Signs of Life

Signs of Life: A Memoir - Natalie Taylor

Holy cow this book was good. I only picked it up because the cover was pretty (now that I judge a book by it's cover or anything...) but I was really impressed by it. 


I didn't expect great things from the book because it was a diary rather than a novel, but I think that worked better (although there weren't any dates on the diary entries which annoyed me) as they were raw emotions rather than flashbacks. 


I think Natalie handled the whole situation (new mother & widow) really well, especially once she had a goal in place. Her family seems amazing, so I'm sure that helped.


One thing that annoyed me a bit was all the names. I got confused by so many names, & not much of an explanation as to who each person was (which is fair enough, I'm reading this womans diary). 


I really loved this book, & I would totally recommend it to others. It's crazy to think that Natalie was younger than I am now when her husband died. I can't get over that.