Puppy Love

Puppy Love: A Novel - Frauke Scheunemann, Shelley Frisch

I picked this book up because the cover was so cute (again with that judging a book by it's cover habit of mine!) & it didn't disappoint.


This was a really cute read, but it had a very simple language, so it was frustrating to read at times. There are two reasons why the writing was so simple (in my opinion). One is that it is written from a dogs perspective, so obviously the language is basic. The second reason is that the book has been translated from another language (German I think. There was one reference to Hamburg). Hercules was such a funny dog, & I loved his friendship with Beck. It was so cute. 


There were a few things that confused me about Hercules though. There were things like when he went to beach for the first time, & he didn't know what the waves were, but knew what sand was. He knew what kissing was, but didn't know how to pick up on basic human emotions. Basically, I thought that the character of Hercules was inconsistent in how he was portrayed. 


I also thought that the characters weren't very well portrayed. They were all nice enough, but they didn't have much substance. I also thought that the ending was a bit... dense. It came very quickly, & without any lead up. I'm also not convinced that the person Caroline ends up with the right man.


Overall, I thought this was a nice, sweet story, but it could have done with a bit more substance.