Stars (Mills & Boon Special Releases) - Nora Roberts

I've read a few Nora Roberts books, & usually like it, but this time I didn't particularly.


In the first book (Hidden Star) Bailey wakes up one day with amnesia & decides to go to a private investigator (Cade Parris). First up, I think this is completely unrealistic. Most people would go to the hospital or police first, not open a phone book & find a PI. Secondly, I think any good PI would insist their new client goes to hospital, not proceed to fall in love with the client, & then pressure the client to feel the same. I can't be sure because I've never had amnesia, but I don't think that's how things would play out for me.


I felt like Bailey wasn't particularly focused on the task of "finding out who I am", & more focused on (at the beginning) deflecting Cade's advances. I liked Cade & Bailey as characters, but I felt they had misguided attentions.


I much preferred the second book (Captive Star) because the characters had a goal, & they went for it, & only occassionally got distracter. I quite liked the characters of MJ & Jack (although I didn't particularly like the names) & thought they were both gutsy, yet hot-headed (especially MJ. She needs to learn to listen to instructions.) Again, I think it's unrealistic that they would fall in love given the situation, but they did.


Overall, an okay book. I won't read it again, but my mum is keen to read it so it can't be all bad.