This way to Spaceship

This Way To Spaceship - Rhys Darby

First up, I'd like to say that I'm one of Rhy Darby's biggest fans. I love Flight of the Concords & Love Birds (& Yes Man, but who doesn't love that movie?) so I was super excited to hear last year that Rhys was releasing a book & talking at the Auckland Writers Festive. Sign me up, I thought!

So along I went, & happily paid full price for the book (a rare occurance, if there ever is one) & went to hear Rhys talk about the book. It was amazing. He was so funny & smart, & well dressed. After the show he did signings, so I got my book signed, but I was too scared to get a photo with him. Sad face. Needless to say, this book will be coming to London with me.


So, onwards. I thought this book was hilarious, especially the first half. I really liked hearing about his upbringing & thoughts on life, but the second half of the book was a bit weird. The second half was about the spaceship & hypothetical secret missions, which I got confused about. It was almost like his editor said "Okay Rhys, what you've written is great, but more about the world ending, mmmmk?". I'm sure loads of people liked the second part (because honestly, it's more of what the book probably should have been), & it was still quite funny, but not for me.


I also liked that Rhys was honest about how broke he was & having to crawl back to London after filming Flight of the Concords. It was very raw, although I knew he struggled from hearing other things he'd said.


So, I would recommend this book to others without a doubt. It was laugh out loud funny in some parts, & certainly amusing throughout the whole thing. Hurrah!