PS- I love you

PS, I Love You By Cecelia Ahern - -Author-

I was worried that this book might be a bit too sad for me to read (with my dad & his cancer. Seriously, why do I keep doing this to myself?!) but I was okay with it all. The story starts just after Gerry dies, so we never get to hear his story. There are two flash backs of his memory, but they are both when he is sick, not when he was healthy.


I really wanted to like Holly, but I couldn't. She was a nice person, but I think she handled the death really badly, & didn't move on. She seems to have lived her whole life through Gerry (both when he was alive, & when he was dead), which isn't healthy I don't think. I think that's probably because I am so independant, & I don't have any friends like that, so I just don't understand people like that. Anyway, because of that I found Holly irritating.


I also thought that Holly should have had more friends (she only had two), which sounds mean, but there was no reason for her not to have more friends. The book makes reference to the fact that most of the friends were Gerrys friends, but it makes me wonder why only two have stuck around for Holly. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on her, but these are my thoughts.


One thing I did like about Holly was her sense of music. There a few references to Westlife in the book, who are my favourite band. Tragic, I know. The author's (Cecelia Ahern) sister is married to Nicky from Westlife, so that will be reason for the references. Anywho, I liked it.


I've never seen the movie of this book, & for that I am grateful. Like many readers, I prefer to read the book before watching the movie, although for me this rarely happens.


Overall, despite disliking Holly, I would recommend this book to others.


PS- I just googled Cecelia Ahern & found that she also produced the TV show Samantha Who?. I loved that show!