Sisters - Danielle Steel

I love love loved this book! Danielle Steel has once again impressed me.


From the synopsis, I thought that the four sisters didn't get along (they led such different lives) so I was pleased to find out that they did get along. It was such a nice change because in a lot of books about family (especially big families) there are dramas & fights. There were no dramas at all in this book between the sisters, & it was so nice to read.


I was suprised that the sisters didn't kick up more of a stink about their father remarrying so quickly (& to somebody so young!). If it was my father, my sister & I would have caused merry hell for him. I thought that was a bigger plot line than it made out to be, & was kind of left hanging at the end. The sisters seemed content about their father having a baby with a new wife so quickly.


I liked all of the sisters aswell. There wasn't one sister that I thought "Christ she's annoying", or one that I preffered over the others, which is unusual I think. Usually there's one character you identify with, & at least one character that you don't like, so this was another nice change about the book. Each sister was very different to the others, but each had their own lives & sacrificies they made to help Annie, & each happily did it. I'm not sure how realistic that is to real life, I'm not sure, but it was really nice reading it.


I did get a bit annoyed that the book kept flicking between perspectives. The first bit was first person, for each of the sisters as we got to know them. Then it was from Sabrinas perspective for a bit, & occassionally Tammys, then the last half of the book was third person. It was frustrating.


Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Danielle Steel has not yet failed me.