October Recap

October has been an exciting month for me. First up- I booked my tickets to London! I leave New Zealand on the 21st January, & spend two weeks in South East Asia before arriving in London on the 3rd February. I'm really excited!


This month I read six more books, bringing my total to 14 books (32% complete). Although I mentioned my challenge to dad on the weekend & he told me not to take it so seriously, so as a "treat" I borrowed 3 books from the library. Small thrills, huh?


October was also a relevation for me, in that I realised that what I'm writing really has no substance. I'm not even writing reviews properly. I know that this page is only for me & my musings, but that doesn't mean that the standards need to be low. So from now, I'm going to try write better reviews about books I read. & maybe expand from just writing reviews (although I'll probably be shit at that, because I hardly ever use my laptop, except for this website).


In October I read: 


See you next month, folks.